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toll FranceToll roads and toll fares in Europe

Toll fares can take away quite a chunk of the travel budget. The return fare to southern France from northwestern Europe will amount to about 120 euros (without caravan), but toll roads are relatively quiet and generally are in excellent condition, so speedy travel is almost guaranteed (apart from traffic jams in the holiday season). At regular intervals there are parking and toilet facilities, playgrounds for kids and catering options. However, fuel along the toll roads is considerably more expensive than elsewhere. Please check on our tips for cheaper refueling in Europe.

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Avoiding toll roads

If you prefer to avoid toll roads, set this option in your navigation device or do not follow the signs Péage (France: follow par RN), Pedaggio (Italy) or Peaje (Spain). Many toll-free roads in France and Italy which serve as an alternative to the toll roads are plagued by heavy trucks and are very busy, so relaxed or fast driving is hardly an option. Besides, some highways in France (map of toll-free autoroutes), Spain (autovias) and southern Italy are toll-free.


Toll bridge  Millau


The toll for some popular holiday routes as of may 2017 for a passenger car (in parenthesis: with caravan):

  • Calais - Bordeaux (via Rouen): € 76.20 (€ 120.70).
  • Nancy - Lyon (route from Luxembourg): € 30.90 (€ 48,00).
  • Calais - Clermont-Ferrand (via Paris): € 59.80 (€ 93.70)
  • Nancy - Nice from Luxemburg, via Lyon (Autoroute du Soleil): € 73,10 (113,80).
  • Nice from Benelux via Germany, Switzerland and Italy: € 36,00 (59.00) plus toll sticker Switzerland € 38.50 (77).
  • Nancy - Perpignan from Luxemburg, via Autoroute du Soleil: 69,80 (€ 109,20).
  • Lille - Perpignan via Paris and toll bridge Millau (A71/A75) € 69 (€ 105,40).
  • The cost of the toll bridge at Millau (Viaduc de Millau) is € 10.10 (€ 15,10) in July and August, rest of the year € 8.00 (€ 12.00).
  • The toll at the Pont de Normandie near Le Havre is € 5.40 (€ 6.30) and at the Pont de Tancarville 15 km inland € 2.60 (€ 3.20). The bridge over the Seine in Rouen is toll free.
  • The fare for the bridge to l'île de Ré is € 8 for a car with or without caravan, from 20 June – 11 September € 16. Way back to the mainland is free.

There are several toll companies in France. On their common website you can calculate the French motorway tolls. There is also a useful table and map with French tolls (pdf).

Tip: toll calculation

With an online route planner you can calculate the cost of the toll roads before departure.
Viamichelin provides the quickest or shortest route but also the toll that is due (with or without caravan) and the exact locations where the toll has to be paid. This Michelin route planner also has useful information about speed cameras and roadworks in France.

Tip: Safety vest and breathalyser

As in many other countries, carrying safety vests is required, on penalty of € 135. Technically you should also carry a breathalyser for an alcohol selftest, but there's no fine .


Toll rates in Spain are quite high, but there are many dual carriageways, the autovías, almost parallel to the autopistas (toll motorways with AP-number or the C32 and C33 in Catalunya), which are toll free and almost as fast. These autovias are often busier and have more exits. The toll for some popular holiday routes as of 2017 for a passenger car:

  • Calais – Barcelona (via Paris: € 95.80 (with caravan € 140,90).
  • Nancy - Barcelona (from Luxembourg via Lyon): € 89.10 (€ 129.90 with caravan).
  • La Jonquera (French border) – Tarragona € 20,85
  • Tarragona – Alicante (Benidorm) € 25,60

For all toll rates, see


Compared with France and Spain tolls in Italy are somewhat cheaper. The toll for some popular holiday routes as of July 2017 for a passenger car:

  • Germany - Venice: € 32.20/€ 41.70 with a caravan (via Austria, excluding vignette for Austria, € 8,90 for 10 days)
  • Germany - Florence: € 27.50/€ 37.20 with a caravan (via Switzerland, excluding vignette for Switzerland, ca € 38,50 for one year (€ 77 with caravan)).

For toll rates, see the official site of the Italian toll companies.


portugal tolFor toll rates, see the official website of the Portugese toll company Brisa. On the toll roads managed by this company, you can pay by credit card or cash. Other toll roads (for example the A22 in the Algarve region, popular with tourists) have an electronic toll system that works out very complicated for foreigners. For more information, see Portugal Tolls..


vignet zwitserland

In Switzerland for virtually all motorways a sticker is required. A Vignette for Swiss motorways (pdf) (Nationalstrassen) costs 40 CHF or € 38,50 (as of december 2016), due for a motorcycle, car, caravan or trailer (!). The vignette 2017 is valid from December 1, 2016 to 31 January 2018 and is available from the Automobile Associations (ADAC, AA, ANWB), at the Swiss border posts, at petrol stations in Switzerland and the German and French border region, and at post offices in Switzerland. Penalty for violations: 200 CHF and the cost of a vignette. For road tunnels in Switzerland, there is no separate toll to pay, except for the Grand St. Bernard tunnel on the border with Italy (30 CHF or € 28, with a caravan or camper 46 CHF or € 43, motorcycles 17 CHF or € 16; there are 20% cheaper return tickets available, valid for 1 month). Note: The vignettes have an additional safety feature, which makes incorrectly pasted window stickers instantly recognizable.
An overview of open and closed mountain passes in Switzerland and surrounding countries can be found at Das Alpenportal.


Vignette AustriaIn Austria there is a toll for driving on the highways (A roads) and several motorways (S-roads), in the form of an Autobahnvignet, available abroad at automobile associations (ANWB, AA, ADAC), at the border and at petrol stations in and around Austria. There is a one-week vignette (10 consecutive days, € 8.80), a 2-month vignette of € 25.70 and a sticker for one year for € 85,70 (valid from December 2016 to January 2018). You don't have to pay extra for a caravan or a trailer, motorcycles have to pay € 5, € 12.90 and € 34.10.
The fine in the absence of a vignette is at least € 120 ("Ersatzmaut"), but can also be much higher, from € 300 to € 3000. Besides the vignette Austria has toll for a number of tunnels and mountain routes. The Brenner motorway is € 9 per passenger car, the Tauernautobahn, the Tauern Tunnel and Katschbergtunnel € 11 and the Großglocknerstraße will cost you €35,50 (motorcycles € 25,50). An overview of open and closed Alpine passes in Austria and other countries is at Das Alpenportal.

Czech motorway vignetteCzech Republic

In the Czech Republic a vignette is required for most highways, which is available at the border and at major petrol stations. For passenger cars (including caravan), the rate for 7 days is CKZ 310 (approx € 11) for 1 month CKZ 440 (approx € 16) and for one year CKZ 1500 (approximately € 54). Annual stickers for 2017 are valid until January 31, 2018. Motorcycles are exempt from the toll.


For a number of highways in Slovakia an electronic vignette is required. For 10 days it will cost € 10, for 1 month € 14 and € 50 for one year, with or without caravan. The electronic vignette can be purchased online with a creditcard and at the border and petrol stations.


In Hungary a toll sticker is required for virtually all motorways and some other roads. There is no windscreen-sticker, you have to purchase an 'e-vignette' at the border or at a petrol station. This means that the car registration number is entered in the toll registration system — you just get a receipt. Your license plate will be photographed automatically at checkpoints along the highway. A vignette for one week (valid 10 days) costs HUF 2975 (€ 10) and one month will cost HUF 4780 (approximately € 15). Campers pay double, and heavy campers (>3500 kg) even four times as much. If you are not registered on the highway, the fine can amount to over € 400.


tol-slovenieIn Slovenia for cars up to 3.5 tonnes a vignette is required for the highways. This vignette replaces the toll collection. For heavier cars, the old toll system will be continued for the time being. There are vignettes for one week (€ 15 for cars with or without caravan, € 7.50 for motorcycles), one month (€ 30/€ 15) and a calendar year (€ 110/€ 47.50) for sale. Attention: cars up to 3.5 tonnes with a vehicle height above the front axis of 1.30 of more ((pdf-list) have to pay double, so € 30 for one week and € 60 for one month. The vignettes can be purchased at the toll stations, supermarkets and petrol stations in Slovenia and petrol stations in neighboring countries (border area). The vignette is not valid in the Karawanken tunnel (Austria-Slovenia border), where you pay an additional € 7 with or without a caravan.

Attention: A lot of tourists drive only a few kilometres on the Slovenian highway from Trieste tot Koper in Istria, on their way to Croatia. For this stretch a vignette is obligatory and there are checks on a daily basis. If you want to avoid this highway, take the coastal road via Muggia in Italy to Koper, or follow the somewhat faster sneak route via Plavje (attention required, see video!). The fine for driving without vignette on the highway in Slovenia is at least € 300.


In Croatia all highways are toll roads. At the toll stations you can pay with kuna, euro or credit card. Some tolls (also see the Croatian toll company):
A7 Rijeka-Rupa: 8 kn (15 with caravan)
Umag - Pula (Istria): 37 kn (58 with caravan)
Tunnel Ucka: 28 kn (40 with caravan)

The Netherlands

Netherlands There are two toll tunnels: The Kiltunnel at Dordrecht (car € 2.00, € 1.45 card with telecard) and the Westerscheldetunnel, with a rate of € 5 for cars and small campers (with electronic T-tag € 3.80). A car with caravan and big campers (length >6 m) pay € 7.45 (€ 5.70 with t-tag). Campers with a height of 3 m or more pay € 18.20 (€ 13.90 with t-tag). You can pay cash, with Maestro cards or with creditcard


Belgium has one toll tunnel, the Liefkenshoektunnel in Antwerp. The rate is € 4.95 for a passenger care when paid by credit card in the automatic lane (blue arrow) and € 6 if you pay cash. A vehicle exceeding a height of 2.75 meters (some campers!) pays € 17,60 or € 19 each way. The Liefkenshoektunnel may be an alternative when there are traffic jams on the Antwerp ring, for example at the toll free Kennedytunnel. In exceptional circumstances, traffic through the Liefkenshoektunnel is toll free, which will be announced on the notice boards along the road.

Denmark/ Sweden

In Denmark you pay toll for the Storebaelt Bridge, connecting the islands of Fünen and Seeland on the route to Copenhagen. The fare is around € 34 for a passenger car up to 6 meters (with or without caravan), and for cars with or without caravan and longer than 6 meters around € 51. The Öresund Bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö in Sweden is also a toll bridge — for a car up to 6 meters the toll is € 48, and for a car with caravan or a camper longer than 6 meters € 96.

Useful links

An extensive summary of European tolls can be found at the Belgian Mobility club VAB (Tolls).

Updated: 2 December 2016